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Apr 23 2008

Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

Published by David Evans under Pilot Supplies, Updates

Book Description

I have come to rely heavily on this fantastic book. Anybody that is pursuing aviation needs to have this book. Large illustrated pictures help you understand the principles that are layed out in this Handbook. The FAA has definitely created a masterpiece of information for all pilots, not only Private but Instrument and Commercial Pilots as well. For a student pilot this is one resource that you cannot afford to miss.

Principles of flight, aircraft and engine structures and systems, weight/balance and performance calculations, charts and navigation, weather theory, reports, forecasts, and flight manuals are among the subjects covered. Formerly published as an Advisory Circular (AC 61-23C), this new edition is now listed as an official FAA Handbook (#FAA-H-8083-25).



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