Jul 26 2008

New FAA Medical Terms for 1st Class and 3rd Class Medicals

Published by David Evans at 7:24 am under Aviation News

FINALLY some good news for the aviation industry.  The FAA has recently announced new terms to the FAA Medicals.   Pilots who have not yet turned 40 years of age now have 5 years between medicals if they are operating under 3rd class priviledges.  As of July 24th, a third class medical lasts five years.  First class priviledges are extended from 6 months till 12 calendar months. AOPA stated that it reactivates medicals that expired on the day the new regs came into effect.  Even before the new regulations came into existence you can renew your medical the day before you turn 40 and the pre-40 rules apply.  Example:  If you renew your medical the last day of your 39th year, you can operate for 5 years under 3rd class priviledges.  Outgoing AOPA President Phil Boyer stated that, “This is welcome news for the GA industry.”  “AOPA supported the FAA’s move that makes it easier and more affordable for younger pilots to fly.”

AOPA Article

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